Exactly it is Animal Crossing Bells not possible to be racist to white people as they're the racists and the bane of our existence.

I think it's reasonable to say that it's a good deal of misplaced anger. Justified anger, but geared at the incorrect ends. I am needing to assume , but I imagine this woman has likely faced a great deal of criticism for"unprofessional" hair styles, when she wore her hair in organic black fashions. And she's internalized that criticism as an attack on her identity. So when she saw this thread she took it needing to shield her individuality. I could be totally off, completely wrong, and speaking out her ass, but I see a lot of Woke hypocrisy getting upvoted as if the entire progressive movement is like that, but the reality is it's only people misplacing their anger.

I disagree. The initial outrage was somebody giving their animal crossing personality buns and some person saying they had been appropriating black culture. Some people just want to play with the victim and be offended at everything since victims get focus.

Eliminating the first Aunt Jemima image was fairly understandable because it is reasonable to find it anachronistic and inappropriate, but I really don't understand how people were offended be the upgraded artwork. It was a totally innocent picture of a black woman's face that buy Nook Miles Ticket I had read was motivated by an actual person involved with the business. It's almost like the image of a POC is forbidden in advertising unless the item is specially geared towards this civilization. Personally I believe that a step backwards.