To travel around this path swiftly, you'll need to unlock Spirit Tree traveling system. The first one that you can locate just above the Tree Gnome Agility Training Area where you can connect using Spirit trees. After you are done teleport into your Tree Gnome Village and then leave by speaking to an NPC who is located outside of the cage made of metal. From RuneScape gold the entry point, take an excursion to the west. Next one you can find east of Catherby near the bottom of the mountain.

You can access it by using teleport to Camelot and then heading to the east. Following that, you will locate a patch of Brimhaven. The simplest method to get there is by teleporting to Ardougne and then taking the charter vessel. Or, you could make your home Brimhaven which will increase the speed of travel by much faster. There's also a tree patch in Lletya but this one involves finishing a long journey with high demands. The fruit trees grow 16 hours, so it's usually conducted only once per day.

Of the farming techniques that are most profitable, one of the more popular is to cultivate herb patches. It's similar to farming trees in terms of activities made but during these events, we go to specific patches that are devoted to herbs. It is also essential to bring secateurs (magic secateurs are recommended) to harvest plants that are fully grown. Just simply follow the route below for locations of the farming patches and rake patches. You can also seeds, and then return after they've grown completely.

There are a variety of herb seeds to use to plant and harvest, including Ranarr, Snapdragon, Torstol Toadflax, etc. make sure you choose the best-performing ones.

There are seven herb patches within RuneScape and some can be unlocked through quests or buy RS gold other activities. The patches are located in Ardougne, Falador, Catcherby, Draynor Village, Port Phasmatys, Troll Stronghold and Harmony Island. Keep in mind it is during Herb runs in addition to regular farming inventory you will need secateurs and seed dibber.