Godrick the Boss with the Grafted Fight.Godrick the Grafted is the very first of Elden Ring Runes the Main Bosses that you'll meet during the Elden Ring. He's distinct by his body that is twisted and composed of his servants' body parts that he's transplanted onto his own broken body. Similar to The Grafted Scion, many of Godrick's attacks have multiple parts and multi-hit. Godrick also has irregular movements that may catch you off to your. At half health , he'll attach a dragon's head to his arm . This allows him to use some new attacks and modifies some with fire damage make sure to be vigilant if the shield doesn't have a high protection against fire.

Fortunately, both Godrick's attacks are highly telegraphed, very punishable, and generally slow moving which leads to a pretty easy fight once you've clocked the patterns. Additionally, you'll be able to summon Nepheli right outside the boss's doors if need help (or a distraction). Here is our general guide to bosses to beat Godrick:

In general , you can stay pretty close to Godrick when you're a melee attacker. His axe-swings contain the biggest hitbox at the very end, therefore if you simply dodge roll toward Godrick you will generally avoid them and end up in a position that is ideal to hit. Just remember that most of these are combination attacks, so make certain to control your stamina and wait until the final attack if you're planning to cheap elden ring weapons protect against counter. If you're really not sure you may want to stay further away from the attack to wait for one his slow overhead slam attacks . These are easy to punish.