The Wandering WoTLK Classic Gold Ancient overwhelmingly came out on top and the Blizzard team was busy creating it, designing a walkable tree mount, the first riding Ancient of the game in WoW. Similar to tiny Blossoming Ancient pet the Wandering Ancient's vegetation will change with the seasons.

Players who have Shadowlands are able to find their Wandering Ancient in their Mount Collection tab. If you do not have Shadowlands yet , don't worry about it, you'll get this Wandering Ancient mount even if you purchase it on a later date.

Although there was a chance that Wandering Ancient was initially meant to be included in the larger Chains of Domination update, it's instead dropped early with an earlier 9.0.5 update. We don't yet have a release date for the major Chains of Domination update yet however, it's likely to bring plenty of improvements and new content into the game after it's released.

World of Warcraft Classic Raises A Lot Of Questions

World of Warcraft got a lot of big updates at Blizzcon 2017. The expansion is planned, and we even got an early glimpse of the brand new cinematic. But Blizzard also released a surprise announcement with very few details: World of Warcraft Classic will be bringing back that Vanilla experience.

The news has raised a lot of questions, and we talked with World of Warcraft production director John Hight to try and solve a few of them. While we couldn't find any concrete details on everything buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold but the most important thing to take away is how the development team will be taking the Classic server with care. There's going to be a sub-team that is consisting of WoW veterans working on this version of the game, however the way players can access the content remains unclear.