Diablo 3's launch in 2012 was a disaster thanks to its always-online requirements with broken servers and an auction house buy cheap Diablo IV Gold that was real money that nobody liked or wanted. Now, more than a decade later, we know that eventually Blizzard put things back on course through Diablo 3 and ended up having a superb ARPG. What is the reason it took nearly two years for Blizzard to get rid of that annoying actual-money auction houses? Perhaps you should blame the boxes the game was shipped in and their printed promises of an active auction house.

As reported in PC Gamer, some former Blizzard and Blizzard North employees participated in an open forum at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. On the panel, the group of ex- Blizz developers talked about the background of Diablo and their personal connections to Diablo and the games, and told their stories of developing the famous franchise. On the panel, former lead designer on Diablo 3, Jay Wilson addressed the controversy surrounding the auction house, explaining its history and the origins of the company, as well as other.

"When I was at Blizzard," said Wilson, "the reason for doing the real-money auction house was to ensure security. The reason was not money. We didn't imagine that we'd earn any money off it. One of the biggest issues with Diablo 2 was item duping and duping hacks along with all that gold selling, as well as all those things."

According to Wilson stated, Blizzard's strategy to solve this issue with Diablo 3 was to take the control of the market for trading. This apparently was also the main reason behind Diablo 3's requirement for an ever-on internet connection. Wilson states that when you make an offer to an offline client, the hackers "got you." Always available and the auction house were Blizzard's unsuccessful attempts to manage issues that plagued Diablo 2.

However, shortly after its launch in 2012 Diablo 3's auction house was recognized as one the most flaws of the game, being endlessly mocked and criticized by the players. However, removing it wasn't an easy task and it wasn't because of technical problems. Instead, the reason it was delayed until 2014 removal was because Auction house features were an enticement feature of the game printed on all its retail boxes cheap Diablo 4 Gold, and there were some legal concerns about cutting it off.