Where it was at aB/WSG was. And do not think for wow classic gold a second someone wouldn't figure out how to hurry the older versions of WoW Classic. Anything tied to reputation, gear, tokens, etc will have people attempting to figure out the route of least resistance. Go world PvP.

Get a team together and visit faction town or city and start messing around. You'll be surprised (or not) at the end. We went and started out conflicts and wars by interfering with towns, etc.. PvP to us in Vanilla was not all about honor/rep/etc, it had been about killing the Alliance. FOR THE HORDE!? Thank you for another fantastic movie Tips like to hear your view. I will say, I'm quite happy they are employing the 1.12 model.

I really don't remember a single individual back in classic that has been like"Oh yeah, I love cheap wow classic gold taking 12+ hours every game", it is something that people simply look back on fondly because nothing like it has been around since. I recall everybody back then complaining about how long suits required, and taking to the buy wow gold northdale forums, hence the numerous changes. It's just kinda funny to listen to all the complaints from people today, it's almost like no matter what choice Blizzard makes, half the neighborhood will complain.


I will state that there were some amazing battles in old WoW Classic, but they got boring pretty quickly. 2 hours pushing the exact same GY was fun the first few times, but after you have done it, you simply wanna get on and in to another thing.