Are you going to buy NBA2k21? I guess everyone understands we aint getting the"next gen" version this season on PC. So do you think the normal NBA2k21 will have enough improvment over the present version so as to inspire an purchase. And foremost motivate the grind. Im unsure what 2k′s purpose not to port the following gen PC is, imo the job they would have put on porting it would have made them alot of cash ultimately. I have purchased every version 4 years in a row, and I really love to play basketball tough Cheap NBA 2K21 MT, so if the community proceeds over I guess I will too. I could see if we had enough players myself skipping this year tough.

But I guess that wont happen because we never seen this history wise. While we wont, and seeing the console guys getting the Gen variant. It almost feels like the PC version ought to be way way cheaper then the console variant in that case.

As someone who constantly played sports games on a console before I built a gaming rig this season. I'm going back into the console version. 2k20 looks great on my 4k television with the settings maxed out and runs like a dream. That's said, the player base is miniature and filled with cheaters which killed online for me personally. Does not really matter about the how great a NBA 2K21 game appears to me if the player base is awful and you dig online. Would definitely give PC a shot again if they straighten things out.

I'm going back into the version. 2k20 looks great in my 4k television with the settings maxed out and runs like a dream. That is said, the participant base is miniature and filled with cheaters which killed online for me. Doesn't really matter about how great a NBA 2K21 game appears to me personally if the participant base is terrible and you dig on the internet. Would definitely give PC a shot should they straighten things out.

I'd do the same if I planned to purchase an next gen console, but motivating myself to purchase an 600-700$ NBA2k machine really is difficult for me when I doubt I would be enjoying alot of different games around the Console. I am able to use that money to put into a 3080 graphics card for my PC instead. The cheating issue is awful on PC, but I dont notice it in actuall gameplay, I do notice it with maxed out players tough. And also the playerbase, I have never had troubles with getting games in the playground, the Rec is fairly slow to have matchups in hard.

It's because it's not a port over, it's another game, and they have designed that match specifically for consoles. The PS5 specifically can do things your PC or my PC simply cannot do, and so you can't simply"port it on". On top of this, the PC community is TINY compared to rest, so it might cost a bunch of extra cash in development and they would get little return on such investment. Uh, what can an PS5 do that an PC cant do? An PS5 should be on the same level of an good gaming PC, and both Nvidia & AMD is releasing new graphics cards at the upcoming months aswell, pushing the performance of PCs far beyond Consoles again.

"Its another game" however, the console players get it free of charge if they buy the normal version of NBA2k21 right? Or do console players have to get it twice? Even the PC community is larger then folks believe imo, they would earn money out of porting the next gen version for certain, also they would create their PC playerbase happy, even if they just break even. The PC version has experienced an avarage of 20k+ concurrent players for the past six months, that's pretty damn great for an niche sports PC game. That isn't poor, and I think they will loose earnings on the regular NBA2k21 PC port as there is not any next gen on PC, so why even bother porting NBA2k21 whatsoever to PC then.

Imo they ought to have cancelled the normal NBA2k21 port, and went with the following gen to PC straight away. That would have made a lot more sense then the other way around imo. There are a number of thing which the PS5 can do that a PC cannot, because they made hardware specifically for it that is not available on any PC. It may load it's 16 GB of RAM instantly, which a PC just can't do. That the I/O Speeds on the SSD can't be matched by anything on the xbox or PC, and it will most likely be the way for at least about 2 decades.

I think you're fooled by some marketing people. Its the exact same talk everytime a console is going to discharge. How quickly you're able to fetch the data from the RAM or the SSD isn't the limiting factor when it comes to gaming performance. Claiming that is just silly imo. And claiming that NBA2K21 will possess features in it that is a must for those fast RAM/SSD rates is just even more silly.

And will probably be left in the dust when the 3080 cards enters the marketplace in a couple of months. You are utilizing logic that is outdated, and flat out wrong. You clearly haven't done any real research on this issue, and btw, I am. I mean, for making the identical kind of blind statements, Linus needed to apologize that you're earning. So what features will the SSDs and RAM enable for the Console games?

CPU & Graphics card performance will still be the number one variable, as it consistently been, and the 3080 is rumoured to be 50% quicker then the 2080, which is TRULY Next Gen. Well, for one thing it'll have the ability to render everything in your field of vision immediately. That allows to render anything not in you area of vision for them and free those resources up for any number of different uses. As a consequence, that you can literally design NBA 2K21 otherwise not just purpose, but although in appearence. Right now games need to load assets all at one time, even if those assets are not being used, with the system that won't be the case because of the hardware but the signal processing.

I am not going to keep describing things that may readily be found using Google only so you can keep strengthening your opinion. What features will be enabled for the Consoles by this tech in terms of gaming features that nba2king cant be achieved in an PC now, is it possible to give an example that is concrete? It boils down to images? You are telling me that an next gen console will have better images then an next gen PC? I mean what attributes do you expect which wouldnt, in NBA2k21 gen version? Is repeating. We have discovered this at the launch on every"next gen" console. Individuals even hyped cell phone gaming as being the future of gambling not so long past, its just hype.