At maximum amount RuneScape gold of time: 22 * 75.7 = 1,661 in 52 seconds. 52 * two = 104(the time) 104 also = 1 min 44 seconds. So in one minute, and bare minimum, you are able to make less than 2k xp per minute. So it is possible to average anywhere between 3.25k xp - 2kxp per second... that's if my math is correct.

I don't know whether you are F2p or even P2p, so when you said Bronze Gloves, I do not know if you supposed FoG Gauntlets, or RFD Gloves. I looked up both. I'm also assuming you are a 1 Def Actual or something of this sort. Additionally, I appeared Iron instead of Bronze, because both need 1 minute, and settling for Bronze as soon as you can access Iron is stupid.

Safety Gloves: Want to finish Strong of Player Safety, get 10k from the torso Together with gloves, better than Leather Gloves. Leather Gloves: No requirements, but the worst gloves. Aside from the coloured ones (They have the very same stats also ), there is nothing specific about them. Iron Gloves (P2p): two RFD quest need to get completed, +3 Str, good Def bonuses for the product,"best glove" from the ones that you asked for. I'd use Green Vamps to get F2p, because you don't need to worry about FoG Tokens and them being charged or not. They also have good bonuses for the item. For P2p, Iron Gloves out of RFD, but you can get up to Addy using 1 Def.

Plan on using magic as in your primary source of combat? I THINK the aforementioned is your most effective magic bonus to get a 1 Def pure (Want 70 Atk for Staff of Light.) There is also those Dung items that increase spell power or something. Chaos Gauntlets from Family RS07 Gold Crest also might be of use, since they increase spell power also. I'm looking for more things to help you out... assuming you're magic based.