I'm having difficulty determining what 99 to choose next. My WC has been close for years but probably won't bother. I hate gaining combat levels, I have been 84 combat for over a year. I've come up with 3 ideas that will give me some battle levels in exchange for some epic stats. I simply don't know which to go for. I am not going to RS gold perform more than 1 choice, because that would make my battle too significant.

Option 1: Closing Combat Level: 91. Details: Should I go for 99 RC, sick train my Ability into 85+ first and then get 57 summoning. Experts: RC is the best imo, I will be earning a lot of money. Disadvantages: I require a lot of slow levels before I begin. Time pricey overall. An Insane plan tbh, probably impossible. Details: Experts: I've already got an epic altar at my residence, I have the lender, no other levels needed and its super quick. Cons: I am now totally useless in battle.

Option 3: Final Combat Level: 91. Details: I'll chin 99 range, then finish off HP with some soulwars. Pros: No other levels needed, I must continue to be competent in battle, can manage it. Cons: I've never played soulwars? I'll be forever labeled a SW merchandise. I look forward to hearing everyones comments.

To start with, what is your runescape name? Neither of those ones that you've given work on the highscores, and it would be rather wonderful to see your stats before giving suggestions. However, have you ever considered setting more balanced goals, such as acheivement diaries? I'm currently considerign gunning for the improved excalibur. With nearly none of the"challenging" levels demanded, I've calculated it might take around 5M if I'm lucky to level those skills.

However, it's a wonderful goal and the payoff is a lot more than some wonderful skillcape-I mean, actually, using a skill such as woodcutting it is just not that great for cash or anything! Although runecrafting would make a good deal of money, it is terribly tedious for 99 (or so I would assume). Wouldn't it be sensible just to decide on a profitable goal, such as 91, to find that and only casually earn money with it rather? If you discover levelling battle dull, I can't imagine you enjoying going for a skillcape. I wouldn't be concerned about your combat level, unless maybe you're seeking to do a cheap RuneScape gold few particular quests requiring 85 or even 100 combat? Just do whatever sounds fun to you. It is just that I can not imagine any of your choices being that pleasure given your description of yourself.