Someone suggested Daggonoth Kings (because they give precious drops, and OSRS gold no P2P quests required to confront Daggonoth Kings). Considering that the criteria I just mentioned (valuable drops and no P2P quests needed ) are there any other P2P monsters worth trying?

What weapon/armor if I buy (see above for cash/liquidity)? Abyssal whip? If I hold off on purchasing any weapons because the price of high-level weapons could crash with all the Old-Wilderness-Free-Trade that might soon be coming to Runescape? Or should I have a risk and purchase the Abyssal Whip? Are there some other items in P2P I can make good use of, during this brief time (given the restrictions I've previously mentioned)?

Okay, so I only finished training some abilities and today I want to do something larger, I want to get all skills on hiscores, but that can wait if Ilike the idea haha, need summoning, dungeoneering and cultivation, alright so here are my own abilities if you need them, help me decide a brand new 99 maybe, or something like a big achievement, thanks. Additionally, please put the way to achieve the item you will say, and price if it prices, things like that xd.

Currently: Lighting maple logs to get out of 67 to about 85 firemaking, simply to train some thing, doesn't mean I can not do anything else. Cash: Around 2.5m as I spent money to purchase bandos torso and bought 20k maple logs. All pursuit w/o becoming over 1 Def, 50 Atk and 45 Prayer: Assuming you are 1 in buy RS gold the stats once you start...