VOID KNIGHT EQUIPMENT. An honorable mention goes to OSRS gold Void Knight gear that can be gotten from Pest Control minigame. You need only 42 in all combat stats except Prayer which requires level 22. The set provides quite good defensive bonuses comparable to Red Dragonhide set also as +10% precision and damage bonuses which afterwards may be updated to +12,5%. It is amazing in PvE while combating low defence enemies in PvP as it can not be dropped or destroyed under level 20 Wilderness.

Training your Ranged or some other battle ability combined with Slayer is never a bad option. As a result you get expertise in one additional skill than you would normally. Additionally, Slayer unlocks lots of new monsters, bosses, and places for your leveling and cash earning. Speaking of that - Slayer is possible the best ability to generate money in the future since it unlocks most precious creatures to farm in RuneScape. The top tasks to complete with Dwarf Multicannon help are Suqahs, Kalphites, Dagannoths and Black Demons. Furthermore, once you hit 90 in Ranged skill you'll be able to start bossing that is an amazing method to make a bank up. By murdering bosses you will not be leveling Ranged as fast as with other methods but you'll profit big time.

LEVELS 1-25 Creatures around Lumbridge. In the start you really want to fight anything that comes your way. If you are a newcomer to the sport and need cash for your very first Ranged gear you're able to grab cow hides and bank them to sell at Grand Exchange for just a little bit of gain.

LEVELS 25-50 Sand Crabs near Hosidius House. Then just run south through the shore until you locate Sand Crabs. Leveling on Old School RuneScape Gold them is quite easy due to their terrible defence stats and higher wellness pool. Just make sure you bring best possible armour to your level and stock filled with meals because they may strike from time to time.