The main reason for the change on deck is a revamp of Mut 22 coins the game's logic for trading players as well as the overall valuation that behavior rests on. The designers of EA Tiburon explain the modifications in a blog post on Wednesday, as a means to create trades that are "closer to what we've experienced [in actual life]" in light of changing perceptions of'realistic ' trades as time passes.

The fix will correct inconsistencies that led to high-rated players being viewed as less valuable by teams that run CPU. For example, a gifted player who was not a starter for his former team however, if he was an active player on the team that was being offered as a reserve value under the old trading logic. It could also work in the reverse. At times, players who are rated as the lowest on their depth charts for their teams could deal with stars in exchange for the value of one for one. The CPU can either ask for more or refuse to exchange.

Other cases involved players whose archetype wasn't in line with the playbook of their team (power running back in buy Madden nfl 22 coins a system specifically designed to receive backs, for instance) and could be undervalued if they were put on the trade blocks. EA Tiburon stated that both of these issues can be fixed with the patch.