It's true that Zaros the Empty Lord will be revived. But, what are his true intentions? What are his plans to RuneScape Gold return? As you might or may not be aware, Zaros was betrayed in the latter part of the Second Age by Zamorak and his warriors. Through an array of incidents, Zamorak was able to acquire the Staff of Armadyl.

This weapon was something Zaros wanted to own to make him more powerful than anyone else. He was the strongest of all the gods at that time, was unable to stand up to the power of all gods. Zaros used the Staff of Armadyl to drive Zaros to another plane and to gain some of Zaros power to himself, thereby becoming godlike. There is more details on this in the Curse of Zaros miniquest (AKA Ghostly Robes).

"The empty Lord, a powerful god was more powerful than anyone else awake at the time and Zamorak was a mortal: a Mahjarrat soldier in the same way, with all that strength and power that is associated with it, but a mortal nonetheless. When you saw Zamorak fight, you'd never think of him a'mere anything...He was war!

Flurry after flurry of strikes he rained upon the Empty Lord, and the very castle walls shook and quivered in their power, however the empty Lord could not be slain! He continued to fight, even with the weapon and power of a god encased in his back. ..."

Viggora But, what's Zaros' true alignment? What is his motive? Could he be good or evil? Senliten the queen of Pharaoh believes that he is an evil creature who joined the evil creatures of this world, is one instance. Eblis is one instance of proof that Zaros was not evil. This also applies to Azzanadra, Akthanakos, and Azzanakos. Azzanadra seems to be a fair Mahjarrat. He used diplomacy to Buy OSRS Accounts stay clear of mass murdering and to control his mind in Digsite since it could result in the same.