I think they've found something they should lean into. I wish they'd lean into rather than offering us every one of these silly sides-missions or sponsorships that are available in MyCareer. It's a question of why State Farm in this game? Are I paying for insurance? What's the reason why MyPlayer seem to Buy NBA 2K22 MT be more excited by rapping than basketball?

Those things are fine in a few places, but they're there's no State Farm item. That's completely bizarre. But rappingand fashion, sneakers and other endorsements can be used in the form of ads. The game shouldn't be less about those things and more about the amazing basketball game we're playing.

Mike. Mike. Everything in 2K22 beyond actual in-game activities only distracts from what the game is best at. As someone who doesn't enjoy playing ball inside The City at all, I'd be willing to say I wouldn't mind having two modes entirely. This probably isn't an advisable business move but it's unlikely to never occur.

I'd also be interested in seeing something along the lines of a MyCoach mode. Let me be the coach of a high school team and climb the ladder to college , and eventually into the NBA, in a 2K version of Football Manager.

We had an ambitious feature list we wanted to address this year: faster-paced gameplay faster, more responsive and tighter movement, more skill-based offenseand huge improvements to the player builder. We had a major push for providing the same high-quality gameplay upgrades for the PS5 and PlayStation 4. PS5 and PS4 So, no matter which version you play with this year, you're bound to Buy NBA 2K Coins get a brand-new experience.