The Yak Track: Path of the Creators II is the 10th ever and RS Gold the longest they've ever had in RuneScape and comes with 50 levels, which will take just two months. If you're able to succeed in completing this level, you'll lucky enough to win Elder Gods themed rewards, with Bik as well as Ful.

There's even a flexibility change this time around, since each level comes with an "skill and kill" option along with the main job for the level, in order to let you decide the best way to move to be able to complete them. The skill and kill option will be slower , however you will still be able complete the level using this method.

There are some additional changes in the RuneScape patch that was released today, which includes the introduction of a temporary Version of Senntisten Asylum. This will be in place for this month. The asylum can hold up to six participants, which means you'll get an instance as the seventh player to enter. The rest of the rules will continue as usual, however the instance will be open for you to make it easier to move around.

Meanwhile, the Old School RuneScape team has an update on their long-overdue Tombs of Amascut rewards. The team unveiled the rewards list but after the launch of Nex was released, they realized that their loot system needed a revamp. The community was then asked to weigh in on the new concepts and that's why this is the version the team has to present now. Some of Buy RS Gold the original designs survived mostly intact, but others now are being reworked.