Badges in NBA 2k22 offer an MyPlayer with an added boost to the attributes and abilities NBA 2K MT. It is crucial to choose the right badges to maximize potential. The use of badges in NBA 2k22 is necessary for maximizing the abilities of the MyPlayer in MyCareer game mode and current players on MyTeam. Badges can give players boosts to their talents and skills. Selecting the right ones for the player's style is crucial.

Each badge has four different categories that give you a boost at different levels. The tiers include Bronze Silver, Gold, along with Hall of Fame. It's not just important to earn badges; it is crucial to upgrade best badges to Hall of Fame level.

There are 80 badges to be found in NBA 2k22 across four distinct categories. The four categories are Shooting Finishing, Playmaking and Defense/Rebounding. While every player build needs different badges to maximize potential, these are the best badges to choose from within each category.

The Best Badges for the players of NBA 2k22. Deadeye shots - Shots that are taken in the closing of the defense will not be penalized during a shot-fight Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins. Sniper - Shots taken that are slightly late/early are given a boost when shots taken late or earlier will receive a bigger penalty.