This crew would become some of the most legendary OSRS gold ever saw I was the arsonist and my friend with his magic, and my brother with herblore (potion-making), which he took on because the cape for his skills has the appearance of a weed leaf.

The mission was the most comfortable month of the pandemic. It was certainly tedious, but RuneScape does such a stellar job of rewarding players that it felt like me and my friends chatting around playing Discord as usual, but with goal-setting.

Of course, RuneScape isn't without its shares of microtransactions. The darkest part of playing in which MMOs such as RuneScape along with World of Warcraft virtually invented, but now when I was a grown-up, affording some membership wasn't a problem, and even everything else--cool makeup items to impress other players, XP boosters, in-game money--is almost completely accessible.

As time passed, my brother earned his weed leaf cape. This was until I was able to earn my own professional fire-making cape. Our friend, however, hasn't made any advancements in his wizardry as I am still an average of 20 levels higher in the arcane arts than him. But that was only the beginning. We began playing mini-games, doing quests, and writing about world happenings.
It's safe to say that I'm addicted again and it only gets worse if I can hold Varrock right in the palm of my hand. The claws of RuneScape sunk into the most vulnerable areas of my brain, and rekindled the old passion that brought me immense comfort during one of the most stressful and anxious times throughout my lifetime.

As I whirl off hours browsing Falador and Draynor but the tranquility of my mind is definitely worth it. It is possible that you RuneScape goblins who are smitten with the flames conjured by Zamorak today, could be smiling at how simple it is to attain the cape of firemaking, or wondering why after 15 years, this isn't my first skill cape I've earned.

However, when I received my first skill cape following more than a decade together with my brother and a friend, I was beaming. There's just something inherently emotional about playing through old games of this type. Sometimes it's frustration because you're not able to agree with your childhood self. Sometimes it's an intense spiritual understanding of how a title shaped your childhood.

Sometimes it transports one back to times when you were a less skilled player, and demonstrates the progress you've made in life. With cheap OSRS gold it was a part out of each. In my youth, if my self look at me as I am now, he'd probably be remarkably proud. You grotworms aren't able to take my shine.