Idea: instead of relying upon yo-yoing reports from scouts that deal more with participant potential than what abilities they have now, it would be wonderful to FUT 23 Coins assume control of a participant for a training game to find out how they play first hand. This makes way more sense, and it would not be hard to execute for EA.

They may even add a small cut scene which shows your manager attending the match from the stand, or viewing a bounce/reserve game from the aspect of a practice pitch to get a sense of his next registering. This occurs in footy, and it should be occurring in FIFA 23.

The kicker are that you would only be able to command the player you're scouting, maybe not the whole team, and such control would only be accessible in matches that didn't matter; no shooting control of Man Utd and using them lose 5-0 to Brighton only so that you win the league, you large cheat.It's time EA started making scouting less about opportunity and much more about informed decision. '
Board Expectations' appeared sexy as it was initially introduced into the Career Mode suite. The notion of having to abide by stringent guidelines passed down by the cash men added weight into the mode, and it should have changed Career forever. At the end though, it didn't really.

Ignore red-lettering on words such as'Critical', because they have next-to-no-bearing in your job if you don't fail every single one of them.Clubs who need investment in'Youth Development' will dismiss their needs if you send trophies. This makes sense to get some stage, but it simplifies the purpose of placing such value on set goals in the first place.

Trust us, it's extremely difficult to get sacked in FIFA 22 unless you are intentionally trying to do so.This leaves goals meaningless, and we'd love to see that change. They should be there for a reason instead of  buy FIFA 23 Coins as efforts at adding depth without actually adding it. There must be more emphasis on what the board wants.