It's easy to be caught up in all this. When Madden 23 coins you think of the phrase "he could be a better J.J. Watt," it's easy to imagine any team racing towards the podium with the number. #1 pick and feeling happy. But what isn't considered is the risk as well as the chance. What happens if the stars do not meet? What if the Madden NFL 23 doesn't click for Walker in the same way as it did for Watt? What if the coaches can't help Walker realize his potential?

We're now at an important aspect, and why I feel Walker at No. 1 would be a mammoth error for Jacksonville. This is a team who has whiffed time, and repeatedly with their picks from the first round particularly at the defensive end. No matter who it is Dante Fowler, Derrick Harvey or Tyson Alualu, the Jags have missed first-round defensive linemen so many times it defies belief. The shared DNA between these players is: Upside over production.

Something is in the Jaguars that informs the head office that they have to do their best to create a stir, no matter what. It's as if Jacksonville is allergic to the idea of hitting a double and will instead hit the fences whenever they get. No matter how many times they strike out the ball, they'll come back and keep trying to strike it out of the park. If you're wondering what causes a team to be perpetually miserable, it's because they're influenced by this mindset. There's a benefit to playing in the safe zone when you're a mess as it's the sole option to get better at your job.

The potential upside Travon Walker holds is outweighed by the risks. The Jaguars desperately need to add solid talent that will anchor their team for the next decade, even if that means potentially looking wistfully at the possibility of a defensive end with 15 tackles when you've got a 10-sack guy. Jacksonville has to be content with just being okay, because it's more impressive than what they've been doing. Aidan Hutchinson is the right pick, at the right moment, to a team that is struggling making the proper decision. I'm afraid they're going to gamble buy mut 23 coins once more, and find themselves back here in the next year and ready to repeat similar mistakes again.