It's also been significantly increased in comparison to NBA 2K MT  last year's game and NBA 2K22 clocking in at less than 120 GB on all platforms.NBA 2K titles are packed with great games, but not many believed that 2K23 would be the size it is.Let's hope that there's not too many upcoming Xbox Series X games with file sizes on that scale and you'll have to be doing some serious managing...

You need a player that can keep things under control and tidy up the defensive boards? They are the top defenders in NBA2K23.Defense is key in basketball and having players who can shut down opponents to prevent good looks and force a bad shot could be as important as a ball-handling playmaker. It's the same on the field in NBA 2K23.

With the increase in three-point shooters, perimeter defence is more valuable than ever, but the players on this list are just as capable on the interior; as the saying goes, "Offense wins games defence wins championships."Below, the players will be ranked by their Defensive Consistency (DCNST), but their other attributes that make them the best defenders in the game will be explored as well. A table that provides a comprehensive list of defensive players is at the end of the page.

Kawhi Leonard is a formidable player at both ends of the court, but possesses the defensive statistics that could intimidate the top players teams in the world. For one, "The Klaw" made his mark in the early days of San Antonio because of his defense . He's been a part of to a total of seven All-Defensive Teams Buy NBA 2K MT  and has won Defensive Player of the Year two times.