" World of Warcraft is crafted for WoTLK Classic Gold  the enjoyment of gamers. Its World of Warcraft universe serves as much more than tacked-on references in this film. It's at the basis of the story the characters, as well as the cinematic style. It's unfortunate that while it is a faithful recreation of the game, a few solid weaknesses prevent it from being an enthralling film. But, there are plenty of fun moments to World of Warcraft fans to enjoy. And if the conclusion is anything to go by the game will likely have many more coming, for better or worse." Zorine Te. Full Review.]


" World of Warcraft lacks the special thing that makes it stand out. The lore from the franchise is so extensive, and brought to life through the games with exquisite narrative detail It's almost impossible to look at the film as anything other than a complete disappointment." Aloysius Lower [Full review]


"Rather than engaging in the fun buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  core of what makes a game like World of Warcraft interesting, the World of Warcraft movie aims for grittinessbut misses the mark quite a bit. The movie just doesn't work. The lore is too campy. It's a world in which a mage's most popular spell transforms his foes into sheep, however, World of Warcraft acts as the green-screen version of Game of Thrones. At my theater, the most memorable laughter wasn't from occasional slapstick humor instead, but from the terrible archmages of Dalaran and their CGI-enhanced faces. appear particularly ridiculous even when you're supposed to take their jokes seriously." -- Jason Schreier [Full review]

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