Might a few of his England team-mates? Something tells me they would.For me, an exciting England starting XI doesn't have Rooney in it – or if he is then keep him in a deep-lying midfield role. He hasn't got the legs or the physical strength to play high up the field anymore but his passing is brilliant. Let Kane, Vardy, Alli and Sterling or Sturridge go to work in the FIFA Coins attacking areas.

Hendrox, Newcastle.Yes, but if you’ve got a four-man attack and, I presume, two flying full-backs, then the job Rooney would have to perform from deep requires exactly what you say he hasn’t got: legs and physical strength. Why do you think Hodgson is wrestling with the Wilshere issue?If he picks the right players it's not rocket surgery. Dr Bernstein, Berlin.Rocket surgery? Is this a joke?

If so, it’s actually rather a good one. Here’s my favourite at the moment. A bloke answers the door and there is a stranger standing outside. 'Can I use your toilet?' he says. 'No,' says the man. 'Thought not,' says the stranger. 'That’s why I pissed in your garden.

The squad may be exciting, but it has no wingers except Sterling. Kido44, Birmingham.I suppose he thinks that Lallana can also play wide, and that real pace and width comes from the full backs. In a real emergency, I suppose he could always play Kyle Walker and Clyne or Rose and Ryan Bertrand along one flank – they’re more wingers than defenders at times, anyway.Hodgson is no Sir Bobby Robson, unleashing Paul Gascoigne on the world. That was genius. Jolly Rich, Coventry.Although probably not quite how you remember it, Rich.