The Iron Galaxy job record may or may not confirm the occurrence of a Switch port, but fortnite materials there are several different indications which Fortnite is headed to the Nintendo console. Only last month per Twitter poster named LeakyPandy revealed the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite will incorporate some exclusive content associated with Nintendo IPs. One of the leaked details concerning the Change port of the game, LeakyPandy also confirmed the Switch variant of Fortnite Battle Royale won't be much more different to the version on PC and other consoles.

There's also been vocal support for a Nintendo Switch variant of Fortnite, together with Chance that the Rapper calling to get a port of the match. Epic Games has also addressed these orders, stating that it will "hopefully" release its hugely popular sport on the Nintendo games console "at some point."

With all the leaks about the buy Fortnite Items Switch version of this game continuing to mount, enthusiasts will be thinking about if Nintendo and Epic Games will lift the lid themselves, officially announcing the match. An announcement could come in E3 2018, where Nintendo is utilized to create several major announcements and show off a number of its most significant names (like Super Smash Bros.) Fortnite could possibly be a part of these announcements.

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