The issue is laid out clear. A vampire is that has to be Osrs gold slain. From there it's on the player to assemble the necessary stuff to get the job finished. All that is really required is a hammer and a stake, of course, but the participant can create their life a lot easier by bringing garlic or some other items which have natural results on weakening the vampire. It is those little nuances which make the exploration system so enjoyable of OSRS.

Okay, I am going to cheat, but as we all know, Runescape is all about bending the specific rules to make things work, so just consider me to be doing this. Rather than a quest here, I am going to be aware a dungeon. Specifically, Security's Stronghold. Located near the barbarian village, this dungeon is filled with critters of varying levels and clearing the whole issue is quite the feat, but it is well worth it just for its high-tech equipment, and also the fact that it is a nice thing to work towards after completing the limited quest(The Stronghold Of Security) assortment available to non-members.

Alright, therefore Demon Slayer quest can be pretty annoying and does not have extraordinary benefits, but it's still narratively an extremely satisfying adventure and has been one of the very first large quests available in the sport, so it is a classic that should not be skipped.

The quest requires you to Cheap Runescape gold collect three keys, spread around the world, to then be traded for a magic sword which can be used to kill the almighty demon that wicked wizards are in the middle of summoning. Additionally, it is the quest I could not beat as a child, so in the event that you won't take action for the benefit of humanity, go kill that bad monster for me.