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Blizzard explains possible changes to AoE damage in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Data demonstrated that many AoE skills, especially ones for melee classes, had been capped to only be effected on a certain number of enemies. Last night, however, Blizzard looked to describe its decision after an outpouring of expressed concern in the community. In a forum post, the programmer said that as power creeping continues in WoW, the"dominant strategy" for scenarios in dungeons and questing has been to pull larger and larger groups of enemies to cleave down all at one time.

The strategy, while effective, has made the match lose some degree of nuance to it. Ultimately, it's made it difficult for Buy wow classic gold some classes to find a part in particular instances. "In Shadowlands, we are looking at changes that would broaden the area of strategic alternatives, and in the process, more clearly distinguish the strengths of classes in many different AoE scenarios," Blizzard said.